May game jam results

The game jam of May 2021 is over and the results are available on

Congratulation to the winner ZomBCool for his game GridnorT.
A very fine shmup in the retro style!

ZomBCool has been awarded:

  • a medal : “May 2021 game jam winner”
  • the promotion of the game for one month at the top of the home page.
    The original 1st prize, a subscription to a french magazine, is not suited for an english speaker. Some alternative will be soon proposed.

comet.azur , Tousansons , Euro General , marsatak and allergicgirl have been awarded:

  • a “ pioneer” medal
  • inclusion of the project in the featured games for one month

Thank you for the contestants for their marvelous games produced in a very short time.
They are the pioneers of and the reason why the site exists.

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