Game jam results

2 weeks ago

The game jam of May 2021 is over and the results are available on Congratulation to the winner ZomBCool for his game GridnorT. A very fine shmup in the retro style! ZomBCool has been awarded: - a medal : "May 2021 game jam winner" - the promotion of the game for one month at the top of the home page. The original 1st prize, a subscription to a french magazine, is not suited for an english speaker. Some alternative will be soon proposed. comet.azur , Tousansons , Euro General , marsatak and allergicgirl have been awarded: - a " pioneer" medal - inclusion of the project in the featured games for one month Thank you for the contestants for their marvelous games produced in a very short time. They are the pioneers of and the reason why the site exists.

French video game magazine Canard PC wrote an article about "Oh, here's an interesting concept. is a site which allows you to play lots of little bullet hell-like shoot-them-ups, but also to remix them." "You have base levels with different enemies and scenery elements that you can change through an editor. It's simple, but it's fast, and it allows for example to do team building in the office."

The "almost IRL party" episode 6 of was live Thursday 27th May. surprised his fans by sticking to a news item that is less than 25 years old for once. In the first part of the evening, Marsatak has presented his site and which promises to create and share levels of shmups playable in your browser. Then R-Type Final 2 has been analyzed and presented by our two experts: MutMut and SGN. Replay available on youtube:

May game jam

1 month ago

The Paris Indie Game Dev association (PIGD) is hosting a game jam from 21 to 23 of May. The rule is to create a game in the given time frame using only as a tool. Of course, you can import your own artwork. If you always wanted to build your own game, but found the task too difficult, this is your chance. is a no code platform. You can join the discord server if you need support: Have a nice week-end and ... Shmup-up your life!