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alain marx

Paralex sed lex

Do you like pink block ? Do you like parallax effect ? Come play to “paralex sed lex” on, the free online shmup editor. You can now edit up to 5 parallax layers for added depth effect. goes vertical !

You can now create shmup in 3 : 4 aspect ratio.Challenge yourself with visceral arcade shmup.Free in your browser at 60FPS. can even remix if you want some more.Groovy baby.

May game jam results

The game jam of May 2021 is over and the results are available on Congratulation to the winner ZomBCool for his game GridnorT. very fine shmup in the retro style! ZomBCool has been awarded: a medal : “May 2021… in the press

French video game magazine Canard PC wrote an article about “Oh, here’s an interesting concept. is a site which allows you to play lots of little bullet hell-like shoot-them-ups, but also to remix them.” “You have base levels… is live on twitch

The “almost IRL party” episode 6 of was live Thursday 27th May. surprised his fans by sticking to a news item that is less than 25 years old for once. In the first part of the evening, Marsatak…

May game jam

If you always wanted to build your own game, but found the task too difficult, this is your chance. is a no code platform. You can join the discord server if you need support: Have a nice week-end…